Deeper Than Pleasure

What’s the quickest route to the Deep Masculine? Shift attention from your cock to your balls. The cock, after all, is just a delivery system for the real goods.

Women, similar progression to the Deep Feminine:  Shift your focus from pussy to womb. That’s where the real sex magic happens.

Pleasure is great, but creating LIFE? Now THAT’S real power!

In a recent teleclass, I was talking about harnessing your sexual power to create success in business. Specifically, we were discussing how the feminine magnetic attracts (attention, clients, money, etc.).

A woman of a certain age shared that she no longer attracts the attention she once did. Her value wasn’t being seen.

I said that superficial attraction is an earlier stage of sexual power. Young women fuss about skin-deep beauty, make-up, clothes, male attention. Men on the make want a hard body as vascular as a cock in full erection.

All well and good.

But that can’t hold a candle to the Power of the Womb.

Or the Power of the Balls.

In business, as in life, we mature. We step up. We stop focusing on the externals, and get in touch with our own deep power.

The Power to Create. To Generate. To Deliver Results.

Yes, that can mean babies. But the Deep Masculine also creates family, home, money, values, community.

Your cock is seeking pleasure. It wants to reach out and grab that pleasure from the world.

Your balls want to put that pleasure to USE, to create something of value. They want to GIVE to the world, not take away from it.

In our image-driven, pornographic, birth-controlled world, we sometimes forget that primal truth.

Sexual power is not just about attraction.

It’s about creating life.

Making love, not taking love.

It’s about depth.

Are you ready to take your next step into the Deep Masculine?

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  • Jeni

    You know, the more you write, the more questions I have. It’s a good thing I invited you to dinner.

    • davidcates


  • Gary Stamper

    Hi David,

    Good post! I want to add that the path to the womb is through the G-Spot, particularly with Sacred Spot Work. Knowing how and where to apply pressure allows the feminine to truly open, not only to the lover, but to herself, as well. There are three stages of sexual creation: Recreation, Procreation, and Co-Creation, and they can happen all at once or one at a time. Co-Creation is the most mature and conscious of the three.

    The Spiraling Universe

    • davidcates

      Gary, you’re jumping ahead! Right on.
      I work with the sequence:
      Cock >Balls >Wand of Light; and
      Pussy > Womb > Dark Void.
      So yes, the complementary unions result in:
      Recreation > Procreation > Co-Creation
      Deeper and deeper into the Mystery!

  • davidcates

    Thanks for asking, Adam. There is no podcast yet, just a private series of teleclasses. We’re preparing the recordings for public release in the next few months. Would you like to be notified about new teleclasses as they happen?

  • Jonathan


    I love how you extrapolate of power to create and its source to being in the balls! You’ve set-up the analogy perfectly for me, thank you, because now, after a social event I helped organise last night, I can see the power in what happens when co-creation can happen. Good things can happen.

    Nervousness and expectations did hit me ahead of the actual event, but with the help of a solid friend I got more grounded; willing to push open the channel a bit more to let the expected (and unexpected) to take place. It truly made me relax and welcome whatever happened happen. In the end the night turned out better than I and my fellow-organisers had hoped.

    It’s left me feeling very positive for the rest of the day – now to carry that through into the weekend!

    • davidcates

      Congrats, Jonathan! By stepping up and opening up, you cocreated something that would not have existed without you. Keep the magic juices flowing through the weekend!

  • Linda

    Excellent podcast. I would like more information on this so that I can get familiar with your work.

    • davidcates

      Which podcast did you hear, Linda?

  • Owen Marcus

    You are right; our testicles are where our power lies. Over the years I have seen men develop prostrate, testicle sex dysfunction problems because they weren’t risking, speaking or standing up. I know how hard that can be. I have been afraid that I would ‘lose mine’ if I spoke up. The opposite was true – they got bigger.

    It is strange how in our society we focus so on the doing part of our genital anatomy. We are trained to always be penetrating rather than just being. I agree with your inference that our testicles are where our male beingness exists.

    I see men understand that women want and need that beingness as much as they want the penetration. What you are doing to champion mature sexuality is needed and brave. Thank you.