A New Man Is Emerging from the Shadows

How’s your fire? Your passion? Your free, uninhibited sexual expression?

Yep. That’s what I thought.

Most men I know are hiding in the shadows, hoping no one will call them out. Why? Because they’re not in touch with their own heart. Or soul. Even their body is a faraway experience…

Most men I know are secretly boys. (Well, not so secretly: it’s obvious to everyone but them.)

They’re afraid to be men. Being a man looks like a lot of work… with very little reward.

I’m here to tell you that being a man is the Most Amazing Adventure. Ever.

Note: I said “BEING a man.” That’s waaaay different from DOING or performing the image of masculinity that’s gotten lodged in your head, the mixed-up stories you’ve been told by others.

This blog is about discovering the fire inside, the truth that’s living in your body 24/7/365.

Come out of the shadows. Stop hiding.

Go deep into your body, find the wisdom that’s been expertly refined by millions of years of evolution.

You ARE a man. Here’s how to BE the unique man that you are.

Welcome to the Deep Masculine.

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  • John

    I’ve been exploring this authentic masculine thing for a while. So far all I can conclude is that we have to be ourselves, true to our hearts. Doing what others want for you is indeed boyish.

    So far that’s all I’ve got on it, but it does look like the same conclusion as yours.

  • http://deepmasculine.wordpress.com davidcates

    Agreed. The essence of being a man is finding your own heart, not following the scripts that others have written.

    I’m exploring what this means for sexuality. Just as we must find our own hearts, we must find the truth in our own bodies. Any thoughts on that?

  • http://www.brycewidom.com Bryce

    There’s a strong belief that runs through me: “To let go and feel the ecstasy within my own body is to NOT be a man.”

    I’ve been questioning this for some time, but still hold my investigation at bay. Big fears here. Lots at stake (my self-identity).

    I’m very much appreciating this exploration, David. Thank you for pointing a flashlight into what seems to me an abyss.

  • http://deepmasculine.wordpress.com davidcates

    I can appreciate the fear here, Bryce. From my own experience, I can say that yes, it is an abyss… and yes, your self-identity is at stake. But I still encourage you to let go. I’ve found an even deeper, stronger, clearer sense of palpable masculinity by letting go. This is not just in my mind. People – men AND women – respond to me differently now. I’m constantly thanked for modeling an alive, turned-on, mature masculinity. We ARE men… and the key to that is in our bodies, not in our social behaviors and performances.

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