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No, Mom, I’m NOT Being Too Hard On Your Boy

Boys are drawn to men. We’ve got something indefinable they need, a nutrient they can’t get from women, no matter how hard they pull on that nipple. This missing nutrient is a big reason our society is so violent, chaotic and insane. Continue reading

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When Sexual Wounds from the Past Return to Haunt the Present

When sex dries up, it’s easy to distance. Or fight. Or just avoid the elephant in the bedroom. That’s no longer necessary. If you’ve been sexually active in America, you’ve got battle scars. If you’re like most people, you work … Continue reading

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Is Your Sexuality Out of Control, Like a Runaway Fire Hose?

The sexual current in most men is a powerful force. If we’re not plugged into our bodies in a solid way, the force of that current whips around and sprays into the world like a runaway fire hose. Continue reading

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A New Man Is Emerging from the Shadows

I’m here to tell you that being a man is the Most Amazing Adventure. Ever. Continue reading

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